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Chris Knows Turkey Chili

Posted by Christopher Boeck on

RECIPE: Fast and healthy turkey chili

Get a turkey sneak-peek before Thanksgiving and warm up your bowl as it cools off outside with this healthy and easy chili recipe. I love making this dish because it strikes a perfect balance between can-opener speed and vegetable-chopping freshness. It’s a good multi-source of protein (turkey and a tri-bean blend) and it keeps well for delicious leftovers.

Ingredients (there’s a lot of flexibility with this recipe, so get creative and customize the quantities to your personal taste):

  • 2 - 3 lbs. of ground turkey meat
  • one large or two medium yellow onions 
  • two large bell peppers (try one orange and one yellow)
  • two 15oz cans Simple Truth organic tri-bean blend (or combine your choice of canned dark red kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans)
  • one 28oz can of crushed tomatoes (I use Hunt’s for no particular reason)
  • one 1oz packet of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing & seasoning mix (not to be confused with the Ranch “Dip” packets)
  • garlic salt
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • chili powder
  • olive oil (not the extra virgin kind) 


  1. Chop bell peppers and onion(s) and add to large pot; toss with enough olive oil to lightly coat; cook over medium-high heat; stir often. 
  1. While peppers and onions cook, brush large skillet with olive oil and add turkey meat; cook over medium-high heat, sprinkling with garlic salt to taste while turning/stirring meat until the pink meat turns white.
  1. When turkey meat is nearly cooked (most of the pink is gone), add crushed tomatoes, beans, and ranch packet to onions and peppers; stir until mixed.
  1. Add cooked turkey meat to onion/pepper pot and stir until mixed.
  1. Add chili powder and pepper to taste (I typically go light on the chili powder, about ½-1 tsp, but heavier on the pepper).
  1. Reduce heat to medium and simmer until you achieve your desired thickness, typically 15-30 minutes.
  1. If you’ve had a bad day or a good workout, pour over chili-cheese-flavored Fritos : )


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