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Brady Knows How to Have the Perfect Spring Patio

Posted by Christopher Boeck on

Design: How To Create The Perfect Patio For Spring

If you all are like me, you are longing for color however you can get it! March is tricky: too early to bring your pots back to life, but not too early to brighten up your outdoor living décor. I had the pleasure of adding some color to a patio this week. This client loves to keep things eclectic, which I think is great. The first way I brought color in was with an outdoor rug. I went with a bright Aztec print. Your rug choice sets the tone for the rest of the area, so make it something bright and fun! Next, I added some great, flea-market-found, metal chairs. Add a cushion and those babies are comfy! Good staple pieces for a patio area are a neutral-colored outdoor sofa and coffee table. They will last through all of your décor identity crises. Outdoor artwork is something we don't think to use enough on our patio areas. This whimsical print can lighten up the darkest of spaces. Add some fresh forsythia and daffodils to your vases and some drift wood for texture, and this place is ready for your next happy hour or quiet time. Once April rolls around, bring more color and life to your area with pots of succulents and flowers of your liking. Happy Spring yall!

5 Ways To Bring Spring to Your Patio Area:

  1. Add a bright aztec rug
  2. Don't be scared of flea market finds
  3. Purchase neutral staple pieces
  4. Outdoor artwork is a must
  5. Add in-season blooms to your vases when it's too early to pot plants

Outdoor Rug: Wal-Mart
Couch and Ottoman:
Chairs: Flea Market Find
Lanterns: Leaning Willow, Russellville, Ar
Art: Leaning Willow, Russellville, Ar

About the Author: Brady has her own design service business, Brady Barber Designs in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She can be contacted at

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