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Wake Up Like Yonce' at The Awaken Yoga Festival

Posted by Christopher Boeck on
Okay, not really.  But that yoga glow can make anyone feel their best even if it doesn't mean transforming into the Queen Bee.  I am so excited that Bobbie Knows will be a vendor at this amazing festival in Northwest Arkansas that is taking place May 1st-3rd.  Read below to learn more about it from Sarah Rumsey, the Director of The Awaken Wellness & Yoga Festival.

The Awaken Wellness & Yoga Festival is the first annual yoga festival being held in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Studios and teachers are coming together from Texas, Oklahoma, Little Rock and NWA. The festival came about from the idea of the Mt. Sequoyah Retreat Center. It is beautifully nestled on top of Mt. Sequoyah looking over Fayetteville. 

The festival itself will be a wonderful weekend offering all kinds of yoga. Kendall Inman from Living Yoga Dallas will be sharing Ayurveda. Local teacher, Amy Graves will be teaching Pranyama. Other highlights include Dr. Melody Moore from the Embody Love Movement who will be teaching an Inner Beauty Shop. Local studio, Yoga Deza will also be participating with classes from Rachel McDonald and Jess Gallegos. Krista from Trailside will be teaching her Rockin' Flow and Chrispy Bagat Singh from Austin, Texas will be kicking off the festival. Sunshine Steelman will be sharing a Yin yoga class at 4pm on Friday and I will also be teaching.

We are hoping this will be a wonderful weekend of people coming together from communities near and far to share in something that is meant to be about connecting. The word Yoga means to "yok," or "union." As human beings, that's what we're here to do, is to connect and it's easy to forget to do that, so this weekend is a coming together. We have all these incredible teachers here in Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas and we want to bring them in to share, to learn to grow and to awaken to the love and beauty that is within each of us. Yoga is meant to strengthen what already exists. 

The weekend will not be without great food and fun! Mike's Mindful Plate will be around all weekend, along with Sadie from The PAth. We are so excited to have Libby from Bobbie Knows. Lots of good stuff happening... 

All in all this is going to be great weekend with people who are committed to life and waking up to it. It's really easy as humans to walk around half asleep. The practice of yoga is meant to bring us back to ourselves and to awaken the light within. This will be a weekend full of light and love! We hope that it leaves a lasting glow within the hearts of its participants. May it be a blessing to our communities near and far. 

For more information, please check out the website

About the Author: Sarah Rumsey is the owner and founder of Maitri Yoga in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  

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