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Kate Knows Dallas Fitness

Posted by Christopher Boeck on

I'm so happy to introduce you to Kate Putney, the awesome gal behind D Town Sweat. Kate gives honest reviews of fitness classes in the Dallas area. If you have ever wanted to try a new type of work out class but didn't want to go in completely blind D Town Sweat is the perfect resource for you. You can easily stay in the know by following D Town Sweat on Instagram too. I asked Kate to share on the Bobbie Blog her background with fitness along with some tips that she has picked up living a healthy life style. 

I've been running for as long as I can remember. My mom ran her first marathon long before I was born, but trained for many races throughout my childhood. I remember begging to jog along with her, which she often obliged. Watching my mom run so regularly growing up, I naturally gravitated to the sport as I became old enough to consciously choose an exercise routine.

At 13, my family moved from Austin to Virginia, and as we adjusted to our new home, my mom and I began running longer distances together. In high school, I ran competitively in track and cross-country, and ran my first half marathon at 16.

I ran recreationally in college, but after undergrad, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where I taught high school math through Teach for America. Like many first year teachers will tell you, it was hard as hell. More than ever, running became a place of refuge for me, and during my first year leading a class, running was my Xanax, my counselor, my best friend, and sanity. I loved it enough, that I decided it was time to train for my first marathon, which I ran in 2013 in Austin.

After running a few marathons, and many half marathons, I started to feel like I had plateaued in my fitness, and I began to try out boutique fitness classes in my new home, Dallas. When I started to search for a central information source on Dallas fitness, I could only find sporadic reviews and insight, which leads me to D Town Sweat, the blog that I recently started as a source of information for people interested in Dallas fitness - specifically class reviews, instructor profiles, free fitness events, and new studio openings in Dallas.

I'm a huge advocate of healthy, active living, and hope that by providing information about my experiences with health and fitness in Dallas, I can help others wanting to further explore Dallas fitness for themselves. Here are 5 fitness tips that I practice, and think are beneficial for anyone wanting to live a more active lifestyle:

  1. Mix up your routine. Just because you think of yourself as a runner, or a yogi, or a cycler doesn't mean that's the only thing that you should be doing! Challenge muscles that are otherwise ignored by mixing up your fitness routine - run, take a variety of classes, go for a hike, go for a walk, try new things! You may be surprised at how quickly you notice positive changes in your body. I recently ran my fastest half marathon time, on the hilliest course I have eve run, and I know that this personal record was largely in part due to the strength I've developed through yoga, Pilates, boot camps, etc.
  2. Commit to a time. Make fitness a part of your day. Just as surely as I make a pot of coffee in the morning, I spend an hour almost every morning focusing on my fitness. By making 6 AM - 7AM my fitness hour, I never waste time or energy thinking about how I'll fit my workout in.
  3. Take at least one day off each week. Don't kill yourself over working out every single day. Give your body a break, you'll feel better and run less risk of injury if you give yourself time to recover.
  4. Find a Friend. If someone else is holding you accountable for showing up, the chances you're going to miss a sweat session is far less likely than if your sweating alone. There are so many mornings I would have rolled back over if it hadn't been for my running partner waiting for me on the trail.
  5. Just do it. At some point, everyone was a beginner. Don't let the fear of being uncomfortable prevent you from trying a new class, signing up for a race, or trying out a new workout! Don't wait for the perfect time to start living a healthier life...there will never be a perfect time. 

You only get one body, folks. Treat it like it belongs to someone you love.

Stay sweaty, friends! 

Keep up with the latest Dallas fitness scene including free events and gym openings by following D Town Sweat on facebook and twitter too. You can contact Kate at

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