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Talia Knows How to Party In Your Plants

Posted by Christopher Boeck on

I am so excited about this Q&A I recently did with Talia from Party In My Plants.  She is hilarious and as the kids say, "keeps it 100."  I first came across Party In My Plants while searching for a "healthy" cocktail and she delivered. Read below to learn more about Talia and the story behind Party In My Plants. She is sharing an exclusive Bobbie Knows discount for her followers on Facebook and Instagram so don't forget to follow her!


Q. Before you were inviting everyone to party in your plants and your life changing meal out in LA, what were your eating habits? In addition, what were you struggling with physically and mentally?

A. Before I decided it was time to party in my plants, my eating habits were weird. I had tried virtually every diet under the sun - the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, a rice cake and pear juice diet (don’t ask).  I was all over the place. The only thing I was really consistent with for many years, prior to plant-partying, was no dairy. My first job in high school was working at Coldstone Creamery, and I literally ate SO MUCH ice cream that I made myself completely intolerant to dairy. So I cut it out cold turkey and was very consistent with that for years and years. 

Struggling with physically and mentally? Physically, I had a fun little trifecta of a weight struggle, belly struggle, and bloating struggle. Mentally, I just felt stuck. I felt like I had so much energy, potential and happiness inside me but I was stuck behind a wall of insecurity and fear which caused me a hell of a lot of anxiety.

Q. You are open about how you initially became so invested in your new habits that you didn't have much time for a social life anymore.  What were the major steps you took to find the balance?

A. Ah yes, I certainly became what I call a "health nut hermit.” Not very fun. Finding balance was hard! I had to ease my way back out of my healthy kitchen and into “normal society.” The first thing that helped me do this was to OWN my healthy diet. I really felt like people would just judge me for my healthy ways, so I hid from people to avoid that. Once I decided I would just OWN my healthy ways and be as confident as I possibly could be instead of embarrassed that my eating habits didn’t match those of others, it got a whole lot easier to be with others. Additionally, I really learned how to eat my plants on the go. I learned how to read between the lines on menus to ensure a healthy meal no matter where I was, pack healthy snacks so I wouldn’t ever have to drag friends to a health food store while we were out ’n about, and also CHILL OUT about my healthy diet because I realized that a chip or a fry here or there won’t kill me (but the stress about it would!).

Q. What basic "do's and don'ts" can you offer for newbies? What programs do you currently offer?

A. Basic do’s and don’ts = DO eat more plants, DON’T eat crap (chemically, refined, artificial, and processed foods). DO chill out and enjoy/appreciate your healthy food, DON’T stress or be pissed about eating them. DO follow @partyinmyplants on the socials, DON’T NOT follow @partyinmyplants on the socials. Hehe, just kidding. Not really. 

Right now I’ve got some kick ass programs, with more in the making. I love to help people who have specific struggles in their healthy lifestyle, so I have some specific programs like one on how to do exactly what I described that I did: balance a social life and a healthy diet. It’s called “Party on the Go” and it basically helps people learn to eat healthfully while out ’n about living their fun, happy life. I also have specific programs for kicking out the unhealthiest foods like dairy (Party without Dairy) and gluten (Party without Gluten).  And I have my belly-saving program, Party in Your Happy Belly, which has helped many gals heal their “IBS” or other digestive struggles. 

Q. What is your favorite cocktail recipe for this summer?

A. Hands down - kombucha + stevia + vodka or tequila. (Which I write about here and here BTW). 

Q. As far as physical fitness, what's your favorite way to increase your endorphins and what's your least fav?

A. I’ve gone through many journeys in my fitness regimen, from Bikram Yoga to Crossfit to Spinning to nothing-ing, and what I’ve found to be my all-time favorite sweat situation is running in the AM for cardio (which I can now do since I moved to Brooklyn and out of the heart of Manhattan - woohoo!), doing some weight stuff in the afternoon, which I just do at home using those cliche yet effective Beachbody videos (like 21 Day Fix or Shaun T’s T25) and forcing myself to go to yoga (or do it at home) as often as I can. I LOVE yoga when I’m done with it, but I’m never actually pumped to START doing it….

I don’t think I have a least fav way to sweat. I really like to sweat. Not a huge fan of saunas though, so there you go :)

Q. While I'm so impressed with your programs and knowledge, I'm even more impressed that you have performed stand-up comedy in the past. Do you remember the first time you performed and what you have learned performing that applies to everyday life?

A. Ah, stand up. I wish I could do it again, but I just found that telling jokes about healthy living to a crowd that didn’t know a grape from an olive was just not a perfect fit for me. I definitely remember the first time I did stand up; after visualizing doing something for SO LONG it was definitely an out-of-body experience to bring that visualization to life. And to get LAUGHS, no less. :) The reason I absolutely adore comedy and did stand up and continue to bring it into my blog posts, weekly video speeches and any other chance I get is that I love how comedy UNITES PEOPLE OVER COMMON TRUTHS. That’s really all it is, in my opinion. We laugh at shared struggles, situations and stressors. We giggle at stories others tell that we can relate to. I think to be funny, you have to be as honest and open and vulnerable as you possibly can, and I think that carrying that mindset into Party in my Plants helps my message be extremely relatable to people, which in turn helps me HELP more people, which in turn is more rewarding than getting laughs on a stage. For the most part…;) 

Q. If you had to sum up what you do in one sentence, what would it be?

A. I take the HELL out of HELLthy eating!


About the Author: Talia is a plant-based chef who resides in Brooklyn and can be reached here. Don't forget to follow her on instagram and facebook.

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